Corporate Member Roadcraft was featured in the Gympie Times recently, for teaching our kid’s driver awareness. 

With the road toll at approximately 1300 deaths per year, it’s fantastic that our local schools are proactive in ensuring their students are educated in safe, low-risk, defensive driving.

 Roadcraft applauds those schools already enrolled in the program but would love to see even more students from more schools in the region attending the course. They believe that effective education is the key to reducing road trauma, and the best way to provide that education to young drivers is through the school system.

-Sharlene Makin, CEO Roadcraft

WHILE young drivers are often tarred with the brush of irresponsible driving, St Patrick’s College has no qualms when it comes to their students taking the wheel.

Roadcraft Driver Education has been providing industry leading education to road users for the past 36 years.

Statistics show that the first three months of a young driver’s provisional licence are the most at-risk period in their driving career.

It is because of these statistics that St Patrick’s College involves their Year 11 students in Roadcraft’s Student Driver Awareness Course.

Over two days at the Roadcraft facility, Year 11 students undergo both theoretical and practical training to implement positive behavioural driving habits.

Students learn in a classroom environment as well as one-on-one behind the wheel, from a team of educators with a high level of experience in defensive driving.

The students learn in luxury state-of-the-art vehicles and every aspect of the driving experience is covered – from the appropriate positioning of the driver’s chair to cornering techniques.

In the classroom, students cover road law, planning journeys and hazard management, as well as the physics of vehicle braking, cornering, speed and energy before seeing the real deal demonstrated by the Roadcraft educators.

St Patrick’s College students understand the value of the experience.

Nick Ellems summed the experience up, saying “this course has taught us several techniques that ensures we will be safe drivers on the road”.

The Gympie community is fortunate to have this facility available, and the St Patrick’s College community knows the worth of its students.

This article originally appeared in The Gympie Times.