At the moment it feels like the business world is standing on the edge of cliff. But this time, the metaphorical cliff has been caused by a virus and there is little any of us can do to mitigate its affects.

Honestly, did you ever contemplate a situation where grown adults would be literally fighting over toilet paper at Woolies? I think it shows that society is actually very thinly veiled anarchy.

So how do we prepare for an unprecedented situation? In reality, the only course to follow is one of agile preparedness. It is hard to lock in solid plans when information and plans at a national level are being updated hourly. At the same time, we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand.

Work From Home?

This will be an option for many workplaces, obviously not all, but there are many businesses that could continue to function with staff working from home. Any business that doesn’t rely on direct contact with customers should be looking at this option right now. Phones can be directed to a mobile, tasks can be performed remotely from home and for those more non-trusting employers around, there is even task monitoring software available. This will be a very important option if schools are closed and parents may need to work from home.

Send Sick People Home

There can be frustrations and expense involved with sending staff home sick but when weighed up with the alternatives it could be the best option. There are employers out there that will require a death certificate to allocate a day off for an employee but now is the time to change that way of thinking. Even though this virus seems to be contagious before symptoms show; at the first sign of someone being ill, SEND THEM HOME! This may limit the spread of the virus. Some people are reporting the virus to be rather mild. In this case, give them the option to work from home, if they can.

Ask For Help

The government is working double-time to try to mitigate the fallout from the virus. Take advantage of Stimulus Packages that may be available for you. You may need to be a qualified accountant to understand how it will work but the money is there to help you through. If you don’t understand it, ask for help from your accountant.

Reduce Expenses

This may seem obvious but have a double-check through your monthly expenses. Weigh up the affect on your business by reducing small expenses, but be careful, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

None of us has the answer to this, but being prepared as best we can, might save us from oblivion.