When presented with a choice between negativity and positivity, why do some people choose to go over to the dark side?

Our recent Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting was our most successful and productive to date. My main take away from the meeting was that Gympie needs to be more positive, and write its own story.

I couldn’t agree more. The perceived story of Gympie is one given to us by outsiders who thrive on the negative. The old narrative of two heads and hell-town rednecks is so out of date and irrelevant that it is almost laughable to those of us that truly care about the town and its future.

Have you walked into Central or down Mary Street recently and realised that you don’t recognise anyone? Where did all these new people come from, why did they choose Gympie? Over the past few weeks I have made it a mission to find out why they choose here, and to be honest, and the answers are overwhelmingly positive.

One of the people I had the pleasure of speaking with is a business person that chose Gympie (in the last year or two) for their family. The reason; Gympie has great schools, it has close proximity to the coast and Brisbane, Gympie offers affordable living, a great landscape and the list went on. The great news for our amazing town is these were the reasons given by nearly everyone that I spoke with.

So, let’s put that in perspective. There are a small (but noisy) minority of people here that have a pessimistic, negative and in some cases, harmful outlook of our town. But, the offset to this is a ground swell of positivity. People are CHOOSING to come and live here, guess why? Because Gympie is worthy.

We are presented with a choice here. We can choose to be positive or we can choose to be negative, either way, the one you feed will win. Think about it for a minute; if all you do if follow negative groups that only speak in negatives that will become your normality. There are groups and pages dedicated to negativity on Facebook and they only see the bad in every situation. When you immerse yourself in that environment you join the endless downward spiral. Why would you do that to yourself? The great news is, YOU hold the power, you can jump out of that spiral, you may feel a little sting of separation anxiety but it won’t last long and the upshot is you will feel so much better for it. The sky looks bluer, the flowers smell better, and the neighbours kids that walk on your footpath won’t annoy you anymore.

Let’s all make a pact, right now, to join the positive team and walk away from the downward spiral into the negative abyss.