Welcome to Gympie Chamber of Commerce

IPN Valuers Gympie and Kingaroy

John Logan & Associates established its business in Gympie in 1993 and is now in its 25th year of continuous operation. In 2013 the business became part of a larger national group and changed its name to MVS National Gympie, however still remains owned and operated by the original directors. Our area of operation is primarily centred throughout the Gympie region servicing north to Glenwood, south to Pomona and incorporating the Cooloola Coast, some areas of the Noosa Hinterland, the Mary Valley and extending westerly to the South Burnett Region. Our valuers have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Gympie and South Burnett markets in which they operate. They also have access to industry directions and trends over the broad area of regional Queensland.

Our Valuers provide valuations for many diverse purposes, inclusive of:

● Mortgage Finance

● Asset Valuations

● ‘Going Concern’ Valuations

● Resumptions

● Development Feasibilities

● Rental Determinations

● Statutory Value Objections

● Litigation

● Acquisition and Disposal Negotiations

● Stamp Duty

● GST Assessment

● Capital Gains Tax

● Family Law

● Market Assessment

● Insurance

● Market Research

● Offices

● Industrial

● Retail

● Residential Development

● Examination and feasibility of development sites

● Motels

● Caravan Parks

● Easements

● Market research

● Leasehold and partial interests

Our specialised Rural Valuer provides valuations for many diverse purposes, inclusive of:

● Grazing

● Tree Crops including Macadamia Farms

● Dairy

● Peanuts

● Specialised Rural Enterprises

● Vineyards